Herbal Ear Drops

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I am often asked 'What are the herbal ear drops meant for?' and in answering this question, I always end up tell my story of why this natural treatment was developed in the first place.

When my eldest, Daniel, was an infant, with every new tooth that came in, an ear infection would always follow, much to my dismay. I would take my distressed infant to emerge and would ultimately receive a prescription for antibiotics. Often the antibiotic would not be received well and the result would be Daniel throwing it up. On the one occasion that I took him back to emerge, I was told to keep giving the antibiotic to him until it stayed down. I knew at this point that there had to be a better way.

After much research into natural treatments, I developed my version of herbal ear drops which consist of calendula infused olive oil with garlic and mullein essential oils. My experience has been that these work extremely well, both as a preventative and in treating ear infections. When my next baby came along - even before she could talk, she would point to where we kept the ear drops that she knew she needed. I would know what she was looking for and she would willingly turn her head to one side so that I could administer the drops. Now I know that every child is different, however, this little one never had to suffer an ear infection.

So you see, I know first hand the benefits of these herbal ear drops - they were developed because our family was in need. Here's hoping they result in less suffering for other families as well.

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