Healthy Hemp Lip Balm

Posted by Lisa Burke on

Here is yet another example of a product that was developed because I personally had a need for it!

For as long as I can remember, I've been prone to getting cold sores. Having been blessed with the herpes B virus, even as a child I can remember feeling self conscious about them. And I've tried every treatment in the book - from aloe vera to prescribed treatments, nothing seems particularly effective.

After completing the aromatherapy certification course and learning of the properties of the different essential oils, I set to work on developing a natural antiviral lip balm that would not only deter cold sores, but stop them before they developed. And that is what I have done in the healthy hemp lip balm. It is a unique combination of essential oils that makes this lip balm so effective, coupled with soothing calendula infused olive oil.

I can attest to its effectiveness as I have not had a cold sore since I began using it many years ago. There are many customers that would not be without this lip balm, yet another testament to its effectiveness. If you suffer with impending cold sores, you might just want to give healthy hemp lip balm a whirl.

You can find Healthy Hemp Lip Balm here.....

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